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Montreal has a rich history of Italian influence so it’s no secret that it would be easy to find a pizza place to satisfy a craving.  However, the Divas were tasked with finding the best pizza in the city and we found a place that delivers solid food, a great atmosphere and exceptional service.  Welcome to Bevo Pizzeria! When looking for the ideal pizzeria the golden rule is that they must have a wood burning oven. Bevo Pizzeria had a beautiful oven on display in their dining room.

Bevo Bar & Pizzeria Bevo encompasses good food and style, à la Divas.  We’re not saying that mom and pop places do not make delicious pizza but when you task the Divas with finding the perfect pizzeria, you know you’re going to get top of the line on all fronts, and that includes style.  Bevo is more than good pizza, it’s also a great night out!

Located on Saint Vincent in the Old Port of Montreal, the restaurant was packed when we arrived but we were quickly seated at an elevated table with comfortable red leather bar stools, conveniently next to the shiny red meat slicer.  Diva #2 was facing the beautiful wood burning oven and Diva #1 was facing the bar; we were both in heaven.


They have a fun cocktail list and so, knowing Diva #2’s love of Hendrix, Diva #1 ordered the Cucumber Tonic.  It was very clean, refreshing and the cucumber garnish was cut on a bias, making a refreshing snack. We were soon on to our second Hendrix Cucumber Tonic.

“Cucumber Tonic: Hendrix’s, tonic, cucumber, lemon juice” 12$

“Cucumber Tonic: Hendrix’s, tonic, cucumber, lemon juice” 12$

We knew we wanted pizza as a main but the appetizers were another question.  Under the red glow of the lights, we choose two, the arancino and the burrata.  Our waiter kindly told us that there was a chance they didn’t have any more burrata since they had it imported and only had a limited supply.  But we were in luck! And it helped make one hell of a night.

Our waiter, along with the front of the house, soon returned to our table not with our food but rather with a tray of mini Caesar shots.  Complete with mini stalks of celery, slices of lemon and delicious celery salt on the rim, this was definitely a treat! Diva #1 loves Blood Caesars and this put us in a great mood.

Both of our appetizers were delicious.  Our arancino was first, which was recommended to us by one of our readers.  One per order, it’s perfect to share.  It’s not greasy, nor heavy and you could really taste the cheese.  The outer layer was crispy and each bit of saffron parmesan arancino was perfectly paired with the meat ragù draped over it and the mozzarella center.

 “Arancino: saffron parmesan risotto balls with meat ragù mozzarella” 9$

“Arancino: saffron parmesan risotto balls with meat ragù mozzarella” 9$

The best of the night was definitely the burrata; it was dirty good!  It was served with coppa, which added a minor but important salty taste.  Creamy, smooth and dressed with the slightest touch of olive oil, oregano and fresh black pepper, it’s a definite must-have; hopefully you are lucky enough to still find some.  If we could, we’d eat this everyday!

They also brought us a focaccia which they call crostini on their menu.  Thinner than the usual focaccia that we’re used to, it was simple with olive oil and oregano.  It didn’t take away from our food and was perfect to clean up our saucy arancino and enjoy with the burrata.

“Burrata: creamy Italian cheese served with crostini” 18$

“Burrata: creamy Italian cheese served with crostini” 18$

Our plan was to order two pizzas as our mains.  We wanted to order the Margherita simply because if a place can make the simplest of pizzas impressive, you know that they know what they’re doing.  We also had our eye on the wild mushroom pizza.  So we asked our waiter what his favourite was.  He said he liked the mushroom one but when he had it, he added the burrata to it.   He teased us.  We told him that’s what we wanted, all of our favourite things on one pizza, plus the unbelievably delicious burrata; we Divas always get what we want!

The olive oil based pizza arrived and the first thing we noticed was the amount of sliced truffles adorning the pie; it was ridiculous.  The mixed roasted mushrooms were plentiful and not rubbery, the pancetta, which was crispy (we hate soggy pancetta), added a nice salty touch, and the burrata cheese came on the side so we could add it ourselves. Arugula topped this pizza, but it was the amount of sliced black truffles that really impressed us, in the picture they look like the mushrooms but we assure you that they are not.  We also added some chili oil because we like it spicy, and we can say with no reservations that this was the best pizza that we have ever had in Montreal.   The crust was crispy and stayed crispy despite all the ingredients piled high (and was still crispy the next day when we had the leftovers for lunch!) They even threw in some crostinis rubbed with thyme, heaven.

 “Bosco in Bianco: roasted mushrooms, mozzarella, sliced truffle” 21$ with Pancetta 3$, Arugula 3$ and Burrata 18$

“Bosco in Bianco: roasted mushrooms, mozzarella, sliced truffle” 21$ with Pancetta 3$, Arugula 3$ and Burrata 18$

All week long, we were thinking of the nutella pizza they serve as one of their desserts.  The front of the house told us that if we intended to order this pizza to simply let him know and they would do something special for us. We were intrigued.  We weren’t about to deviate from our plan so we ordered the nutella pizza and they definitely surprised us by saying we were going to be making it! Disaster…

Not afraid to get our hands dirty in the kitchen (or anywhere else for that matter), we headed to the pizza station.  Hands washed and dressed in official Bevo aprons, which they gave us, we were ready to start cooking!  Being Italian, Diva #2 is very familiar with making homemade pizza but this wasn’t her kitchen so we followed their directions.

We stretched the dough, kneaded it, put it in the 700 degree oven and topped it generously with nutella.  Diva #1 was a little overexcited and put too much nutella but then again, that’s never a bad thing in our books!  We took the end product to our table, complimented by the waiters who we’re positive were happy to see us behind the counter, satisfied with what we made.  Again, the crust was crispy, the nutella velvety, slightly melted from the heat of the crust and the little touch of powdered sugar was a great way to end our meal in a great atmosphere.

“Nutella Pizza” 12$

“Nutella Pizza” 12$

A lot can be said for customer service.  And the Divas can say that the service we received at Bevo was unequivocally the best in the city.  Had we not had the amount of attention they gave us, the food alone would have brought us running back.  And the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.  Diva #1 booked her birthday there right away.  The Divas had such a great night, talking, drinking, eating, and plotting like only the Divas know how, we cannot wait to return and try their pasta and meat dishes, imagine how delicious those will be? Hopefully there will be plenty of burrata …


Our Rating: Always on Thursdays

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  1. Dahlia April 3, 2013 at 4:23 pm Reply

    Wow, I wish I got that kind of service every time I went out! Did you guys wear special outfits or something? Haha! I’m kidding. I know the Divas always stay classy.

    Really fun review and I love the extra stories in your posts!

  2. Mangez-Vous? April 4, 2013 at 3:12 am Reply

    As always very good review.

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