Before eating at Beroya we didn’t know much about Syrian cuisine, but we love Middle Eastern food so we were more than willing to expand our palate. Beroya is the ancient name of the Syrian city of Aleppo, our waiter Joe informed us of this, he also helped us decide what to eat! Joe didn’t steer us wrong, and we left Beroya in love with Syrian cuisine.

Beroya is a large restaurant in Laval, don’t let its location deter you, the food is incredible. We started our dinner with arak, a Middle Eastern alcohol from the anise family. It’s similar to ouzo and Sambuca, served with water and ice. It was the perfect start to our Syrian dinner, as arak is the traditional alcohol of Syria. We ordered from their large menu, but we really needed the help of Joe our waiter because we wanted to try everything. Beroya also has a tasting menu for two people at 79$, it includes 2 salads, 5 cold appetizers, 4 hot appetizers, 1 kebbeh, plate of grilled meat and dessert.

“Fattouche: Mixed fresh vegetables and fried pita served with vinegar and pomegranate molasses seasoned with sumac” 10$

The fattouche salad was full of fresh vegetables and fried pita, perfectly crispy and as always adding a wonderful texture to the salad. The pomegranate molasses in the dressing added a sweetness to the fattouche, and the sumac gave it that Middle Eastern feel that we were expecting. Our waiter recommended the beet moutabbal and we couldn’t agree more, the beets were mixed with tahini and served with olive oil. He gave us plenty of fresh pita bread to polish this dip in seconds, it was delicious.

“Beet Moutabbal: Chopped beet mixed with tahina” 8$

Of course we had to try one of their many hummuses but with so many to choose from we were directed to try the hommus balila. Instead of the usual chickpea purée that we’re used to, this style of  rustic hummus was simply cooked chickpeas, served warm, and topped with olive oil, lemon and cumin. Tomatoes and fresh herbs also topped this fabulous appetizer. There was tons of olive oil, perfect for repeatedly dipping your pita bread into.

“Hommus Balila: Cooked chickpeas accompanied with olive oil, lemon and cumin” 7$

We simply adore kebbeh neyeh,  a Middle Eastern dish of minced meat with bulgur and herbs. Described as a Syrian beef tartare, the meat is not cubed but minced, and at Beroya they flavour it with a red pepper paste, onion and plenty of olive oil. We couldn’t get enough of this dish, and such a generous portion for such a low price was a steal.

“Kebbeh Neyeh: Syrian style beef tartare mixed with bulgur, red pepper paste, onion and served with olive oil” 15$

The cheese rolls were delightful, and are sold individually and we could have easily eaten a few more. They are wrapped in phyllo dough and stuffed with baladi cheese, a soft white Middle Eastern cheese with a mild yet rich flavour. It’s made from goat’s milk and popular throughout the Middle East, although it’s creamier with a higher fat content in Syria.

“Cheese rolls: Cheese baladi rolled in a crispy dough” 2$ per piece

Appetizers are tons of fun for sharing and trying a little bit of everything. Our waiter recommended the toshka and we fell in love with this Middle Eastern sandwich. Minced meat, flavoured ever so perfectly with is grilled on charcoal, topped with cheese and sandwiched in between two slices of pita bread. We consider this a Syrian grilled cheese, and we’re salivating just thinking about it.

“Toshka: Minced meat with cheese grilled on charcoal in pita bread” 12$

We shared one main, as you can imagine we were already happily bursting at the seams. Beroya has traditional Syrian charcoal BBQ, kebbehs, and a lengthy menu of many delicacies. Our waiter insisted that we try the kabab karaz, an Aleppo specialty, finely minced meat was seasoned, grilled on charcoal and served with a sour cherry sauce. Served with pita bread to scoop up the saucy meat with your hands, traditionally, no fork is needed to enjoy this dish.

“Kabab Karaz: Finely minced meat seasoned with Aleppo spices grilled on a charcoal served with a sour cherry sauce” 24$

We loved the kabab karaz, the cherries are sour, sweet would be strange, and the taste of the meat and Middle Eastern spices is still apparent through the sauce. Topped with almonds and fresh herbs we couldn’t get enough of this dish. We were so full after our meal that we resisted dessert, but when it was brought before us we were too intrigued not to try it.

“Bouza & Ghazel el Banat: Ice cream served with cotton candy and pistachios” 8$

Bouza & Ghazel el Banat is a mastic ice cream served with Arabic style cotton candy and pistachios, it’s very different from any Middle Eastern dessert that we have ever tried. It’s not necessarily our style, but it was nonetheless very tasty.

Don’t let their Laval location deter you, Beroya is a fabulous Syrian restaurant with delicious Middle Eastern fare. We loved everything that we tried, and we tasted a small part of the lengthy menu. Trust us, this gem is worth the trek to Laval 😉

Our Rating: Always on Thursdays
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