Batshaw Foundation’s Défi Canapé Event

The Batshaw Youth and Family Centres Foundation is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteers. Their mission is to help break the cycle of neglect, abuse, and failure experienced by many children and their families. The Batshaw Foundation supports the clients of the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres, when public funds are not available.

Le Salon 1861

Le Salon 1861

The Défi Canapé Event was a celebration of food and a friendly competition featuring some of Montreal’s best chefs. All proceeds of the ticket sales and silent auction benefited the Batshaw Foundation. Guests would taste each restaurant’s featured canapés, we tried them more than once to be sure, and vote for their favourite. Each person had one vote! It was interactive and fun, Diva #1 and Sweet Pea loved it. But let’s talk about this gorgeous venue, and the food of course!

One of our favourite booths of the night was the Tavern on the Square booth, they actually cut us off at one point because we kept going back for more. Sometimes simple is best and they had the most delicious cavatelli pomodoro with bufala mozzarella, with the perfect spicy kick. We loved it! And if you haven’t heard of Tavern on the Square’s Instagram account, then you’ve been living under a rock. Check out @tavernsquare for their hilarious posts from the Westmount Independent, Westmount’s local newspaper, click HERE to get to their Instagram. You’ll soon see what Westmount residents consider as “news” – all under the hashtag #coolstorybro.

Park and Lavanderia had a booth at the event and they were voted as the winners of the night! Sweet Pea and Diva #1 split their vote between Tavern on the Square, and the Park and Lavanderia booth. One for its perfect simplicity, and the other for its complexity. This canapé was a mix of salmon and beef tartare, with a quail egg on a bed of crispy nori. The beef tartare was crunchy, and the salmon tartare fresh and light, a mouthful of textures and flavours.

Another close contender was Bishop & Bagg with their surf n’ turf nachos. The nachos were crispy and delicious, the little surf n’ turf topping was creamy and delicious, with a hint of dill. Each bite perfected by the hot pepper topping on each nacho. It had many dimensions of flavours and it reminded us that we should head back to Bishop & Bagg, it’s been awhile!

Tuck Shop it’s like you read our minds. Diva #1 had been craving uni and we salivated as we neared Tuck Shop’s booth and found the most delectable little open urchin, with sweet creamy uni that were topped with a light bruschetta with edamame, for more of that Asian feel. It was delicious and their presentation outstanding.

For those of you who don’t know, uni is the Japanese name for the edible part of the sea urchin. Some love its creamy consistency, others hate it, it’s truly an acquired taste. But we love it! It’s a popular item for sushi aficionados, and it is actually the part of the sea urchin’s gonads… hopefully you can stomach that. We sure can! It’s sweet and delicious, we prefer it as is so that you can truly taste the entirety of its flavour and not topped with anything at all.

We’ve never been to Loïc but we’ve heard good things! They were serving a canapé made up of smelts, and beets, with dill and onion on a pumpernickel toast. It was our least favourite of the night because nothing particularly stood out, it was meh! By this point in the night wine was free-flowing and we were getting boozy and having ideas. The Divas are dangerous creatures, they become more precarious when they start plotting…

Sweet Pea couldn’t resist the meatball at Nora Gray and the little glutton kept going back for more. The mini meatball sandwich sat in between thick pieces of flatbread with parmigiano. The meatball wasn’t too saucy, which was good because we were eating it while standing, trying to look sophisticated. The meat was tender and filling. It reminded us why we love Nora Gray!

Léché Desserts pops up at almost every charity event and fundraiser that we attend, they’re THAT good. Known for their specialty doughnuts, we fought our way to the doughnuts and tried more than our fair share. The raspberry jam doughnut was made with a homemade jam that was more like a compote than jam. We loved it! We tried the tiramisu doughnut that was full of delicious coffee cream, the brownie chocolate and the passion fruit doughnuts too.

We love dining for a good cause, and the Défi Canapé Event supporting the Batshaw Foundation was just that!



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