Saint Henri is quickly solidifying itself as a go-to neighbourhood in Montreal, new restaurants are opening their doors every week!  Visiting your parents has never been more enticing; Diva #2 loves returning to her old Sud-Ouest neighbourhood for good food and to see her folks of course…

Adamo, Montreal Pizza Restaurant -The crew from the much beloved coffee and sandwich shop Campanelli recently opened Adamo on Notre Dame Ouest, right across the street. During a recent visit to Diva #2’s mom, Mickey the Butcher, a pizza craving hit and Diva #2 headed straight for Adamo!

Adamo, Montreal Pizza Restaurant - foosballThere is no big sign to advertise its presence but the people filing in and out will grab your attention. You can order pizza by the slice or an entire pizza (or pie). They have a foosball table in the front window and boxes of tomatoes and bags of flour stacked in the middle of the restaurant, giving it a cozy and familiar feel. With plenty of counter space, and the usual parmesan cheese and chili flakes in shakers, you can eat your slice standing up if you can’t contain yourself.

Basil pizza slice 3.26$

Basil pizza slice 3.26$

We ordered a whole mozzarella cheese pizza pie and while waiting we indulged in a slice of their basil pizza.   They also have pepperoni and pesto, and we’ll be sure to come back to give those a try.

Pizza by the slice is something that Montreal is lacking, and at Adamo, they’ve nailed it! The crust is thin, the tomato sauce is fresh and we soon wondered if there was someone’s Nonna slaving away in the kitchen. The pizza crust was so thin and the cheese so gooey you could fold your slice in half and eat it! The fresh basil really pops and a little addition of chili flakes makes the experience complete.

Mozzarella Pizza 19.13$

Mozzarella Pizza 19.13$

The pizza at Adamo only comes in one size and it’s cut in 6 so the slices are large.  Don’t complain, just enjoy it! The mozzarella cheese pizza is simplicity at its finest. Again, fresh and bright tomato sauce with plenty of herbs, lots of cheese and a great crust. And while we waited for our take-out pie (approximately 6 minutes), there was a constant stream of people walking in, ordering a slice and happily leaving with their slice folded in half on a paper plate.

Mozzarella Pizza 19.13$

Mozzarella Pizza 19.13$

Adamo is the perfect addition to the flourishing pizza scene in Montreal. And it delivers something that we were missing, authentic pizza by the slice. There is something so very New York about the thin crust pizza folded in half on a paper plate, perfect for eating on the go, yet at Adamo it’s done in a definitive Montreal style. The Campanelli crew should be very proud of Adamo, it’s exactly what Montreal needed and we can’t wait to go back for more!


Our Rating: Always on Thursdays
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  1. Dahlia October 2, 2015 at 2:10 pm Reply

    Mmm pizza.. I’ll have to try it!

  2. Martine Tiramani September 19, 2016 at 5:17 pm Reply

    Best ricotta and rapini pizza in town.Utterly delicious!

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