A Rare Evening: A Touch of Red

A Rare Evening: A Touch of Red was a dazzling soirée benefiting the iBellieve Foundation which supports Hunter syndrome research and general awareness for rare diseases. This February event was in the Montreal Science Center in Old Montreal. Montreall.com did a lovely write up on all those details, read about it HERE.

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Mark Cuban, ABC’s Shark Tank star and Dallas Mavericks owner was the keynote speaker of this charity gala. With a burlesque performer, flowing cocktails, lively auction, and tons of old school Hollywood glam, it was a fabulous evening. A Rare Evening: A Touch of Red was the place to see and be seen on this cold February night, and Diva #1 and Sweet Pea eagerly got all glammed up and excited to go … for a worthy cause of course 😉

Ristorante Beatrice had the most delicious booth with two chefs, one preparing a cavatelli pomodoro and another preparing a mushroom ravioli in a mushroom cream sauce. They were both delicious, we luckily go to try both with fresh basil, parmigiano and chilli peppers to add to taste. We’ve always loved Ristorante Beatrice, formerly known as Bice, and we love their pasta dishes!

Scotch eggs are a British pub food or picnic food that are made by hard boiling an egg, covering it in ground sausage and breadcrumbs, and deep frying it. Absolutely delicious! Burgundy Lion, Montreal’s most popular British pub, had a booth at the event and they were serving scotch eggs. Although we prefer them a touch runnier in the center, they were divine.

When you find a crowd of people at an event in Montreal, they’re usual surrounding the bar or the oyster booth. Tuck Shop shucked delectable East Coast oysters with plenty of lemon, fresh horseradish, cocktail sauce, jalapeno and cucumber salsa, and the usual red wine vinegar and onion mignonette. We parked ourselves there until they ran out; we always keep it classy!

Schwartz’s Hebraic delicatessen is one of our go to late night eat spots, their smoked meat is the best in the city! Though we were dressed like ladies, we devoured a smoked meat sandwich and pickle in a very un-ladylike fashion.

We fell in love with the caramel apple crumble cheesecake bar, tiramisu, lemon bar and brownie at Bars Boutique. An old friend of Diva #1 started this bars and bark catering company, and she was very happy to see her at A Rare Evening: A Touch of Red. Our favourite from the sweet table was the apple crumble cheesecake bar!

All in all the event was fabulous, Mark Cuban was lovely, the cocktails were aplenty, the food delicious and the crowd fashionable and splendid. Eating and drinking for a good cause helps gluttonous girls like us feel good about the fact that we are always wining and dining!




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  1. Dahlia March 11, 2016 at 12:05 pm Reply

    I’ll always eat for a good cause!

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